Proposal:Get MCB list on Cream

Hello friends,
I am an MCB and Cream holder. (C.R.E.A.M., a lending platform based on Compound).
Been holding for a while and believing in the long-term goal of MCDEX, I find it necessary to enable MCB staking program. When playing with testnet, I find that team seems to have staking ready on Mcdex when mainnet launch, which is awesome. Meanwhile, I still believe MCB should be able to be staked in the borrow&lending protocol, such as Compound, AAVE, and Cream.
As a cream holder, I believe listing MCB on cream can make a win-win for both CREAM and MCDEX. If MCB is listed on Cream, MCB holders can supply (stake) MCB to Platform and borrow out other tokens. As far I know, supply tokens also have a pretty good APY. I would like to ask if any users like me hold cream and MCB are willing to support MCB listing on Cream? It’s a governance process on cream, so for the common benefit of our own community, I would like to call for some support among ourselves.

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