Proposal 8: Reduce MCB supply by 30M

Based on the discussion of Proposal 8 draft ( [Draft]Proposal 8: Locked new coins minted during 6 months / Reduce inflation by 3 / Reduce max supply by 3) , I formalize Proposal 8 as follows:

Reduce Supply. I propose to reduce evenly via foundation and mining reserve token burn - to burn 30M tokens in total, which means that 15M from MCDEX Foundation ( the current allocation of which is 25M) and 15M from User Incentive ( the current allocation of which is 50M) will need to be burned.

FOR - Burn 15M MCB token from MCDEX Foundation and 15M MCB from user incentive part.
AGAINST - no change of current allocation.

Vote Quorum: 10,000 MCB.