Proposal 48 - Mining Program starting from Epoch 7


With the close of the mining program Epoch 6, the trading volume and liquidity has gradually reached a stable level. I’m proposing to keep the mining program going in a relatively conservative but sustainable pattern.

Mining Program Details

Starting from Epoch 7, from Jan. 10 to Jan.23, each epoch will be allocated to 10k MCB as mining rewards - 1k for liquidity mining and 9k for trading mining. The epoch will run into the following epochs ( Each epoch will last 14 days ) automatically until the MCDEX DAO makes changes of plans via governance.

Liquidity Mining

MCB rewards shall be distributed to the LPs who add liquidity to the MCDEX AMM. The foundation shall choose the proper pools for the mining program and allocate the rewards among the pools.

Trading Mining

MCB will be distributed to traders based on a formula that rewards a combination of fees paid, open interest, and staking score. The rules will be the same with the previous epochs, check details here.