Proposal 47 - $100k budget to hire a director of MCDEX Foundation

This proposal is to provide a budget to MCDEX Foundation to hire a director for it.

Hiring Process


  1. The Core Team identified a few suitable candidates for the role of director for the MCDEX Foundation that is based in Singapore.
  2. The chosen candidate’s compensation is calculated and if the conditions are approved by both parties, the hiring proposal is submitted to the community vote.
  3. Compensation will be paid on a monthly basis

Background of Director

  • Part of DeFiance Capital who is an investor of MCDEX.
  • DeFiance Capital is an early investor of MCDEX and has reinforced their investment in the latest strategic raise.
  • Candidate has worked with MCDEX closely and understands the needs of MCDEX.
  • Candidate is a Singapore citizen and will be able to assist the foundation effectively.

For -

agree to provide $100k budget for one year to hire Director of Foundation

Against -

disagree to provide the $100k budget to foundation

Please vote:

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Hi! This sounds like a great idea to hire a director for the Foundation, and at the same time tighten relationship with investors.

Would love to know more details about the role of this position.

  • Is it a CEO position?
  • What is expected from this position (day to day & long term goal)?
  • How is he going to collaborate with MCDEX Labs?

Thanks Jean!

Hey Victor,
sorry for the delay. This is not a CEO position, since the foundation is a public company and it only has several directors with equal powers. The director will be actively attending some governance issues, sharing insights, helping provide feedbacks from the perspectives as a community member. And we do need a singapore citizen to set up the foundation. As an investor of MCDEX in several rounds, our goal is aligned to achieve more growth here.

Thanks for the questions as always:)