Proposal 41: Hiring Head of Communications

This proposal is the start of a formalized procedure for the MCDEX DAO to hire new employees. Having formalized procedure allows us to ensure things remain fair, effective, and transparent for the entire community.

MCDEX Hiring Process


  1. The Core Team discusses the need for an extra member and votes to decide if the need is real and relevant.
  2. MCDEX team publishes an official announcement that MCDEX is looking to fill a new role on multiple platforms such as forum, Twitter, Discord, and any other channels that may be relevant for the particular role.
  3. Applicants apply and shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the MCDEX team. This process evaluates the candidates’ motivations and expertise, as well as their fit with the project’s vision and personalities.
  4. The chosen candidate’s compensation is calculated and if the conditions are approved by both parties, the hiring proposal is submitted to the community vote.
  5. Compensation will be provided from the DAO

As the MCDEX v3 is deployed on Arbitrum, there is a need to expand the communications team to create more synergistic partnerships with different protocols and ensure that we have a good communication with our community.

Background of Candidate

The Head of Communication that we are looking to hire has the following capabilities:

  • Previously worked at a European traditional finance firm as a Business Development Manager
  • Handled international clients and stakeholders, establishing vital partnerships while constantly able to outperform KPI
  • Good knowledge of crypto and specifically DeFi
  • Has worked with team before and is able to fit well in our working environment

Compensation for Head of Communication: USD 5500 per month

For - agree to hire Head of Communication where compensation will be provided by MCDEX DAO

Against - disagree to hire candidate for Head of Communication role

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Yes, we need guy to spread MCDEX to the world.

Thanks for posting in the open -even the recruitments- this allows the community to give some feedbacks. Here are mines:

1- What will be the “main” KPI as well as “secondary” KPI of this position?

2- Previous Tradfi experience isn’t as important as a very good knowledge of the DeFi ecosystem in my opinion. These are two different beasts with different dynamics/mindsets/users. I fear someone not super familiar with DeFi will waste 6 to 12 months to get up to speed.

3- Also good analytical skills and strategic mind is important. So that each action can be linked to a specific KPI, impact measured, and strategy readjusted :slight_smile: good sense of how to efficiently incentivize partners & users & community is equally important.

That being said I’m supportive of this proposal :+1:

Thanks for the input. The person have been involving with crypto in the past 2 years and have added some value to us before onboarding. For KPI, our team has a OKR management system to manage everyone’s goal and contributions. Main part that this role will add value is to better communicate MCDEX to our partners, investors and community.

The proposal has passed, we transferred $5,500Ă—12 = $66,000 USDC from Treasury to MCDEX Foundation address. The transaction is: