Proposal 4: Make the mining efficiency of AMM not related to the imbalance rate

Currently, we encourage LP to make its portfolio balanced by setting a mining effective setting.

However, this setting should be removed, because:

  1. We should use the funding rate to make the market balance, the mining effective setting harms the funding rate.
  2. Some use case of AMM is not encouraged by this setting. For example, if LP wants to have a net negative position to get funding payment when the funding rate is positive, he will lose the mining reward, which is not fair.

As a result, I suggest in the next mining round (Zhou):

  1. We keep the rebalance UI for the LP.
  2. The mining reward is not related to the imbalance rate anymore.

Vote Quorum: 10,000 MCB.

The team and foundation will abstain from voting on this proposal.

Please vote at: