Proposal 38: Extend MCDEX x DODO Program for another 4 Weeks

The MCDEX x DODO program works well. MCB holders gain a 100% APY in the program.

I propose to extend the program for another 4-week. The terms are the same:

  • Rewards of 180 $MCB and 4500 $DODO to be distributed daily
  • Campaign will another last 4-week
  • Co-marketing promotion by both protocols to promote this incentive program

Admin Update:

I support that Program should continue. Since both project sees marketing value in the collaboration and community also benefit. It’s an opportunity to put MCB to use the APY is pretty decent ATM many will join the program again if it continues

The proposal has passed, we minted 5,040 MCB to DODO address. The transaction is: