Proposal 37: Launch BUSD Pool operated by MCDEX DAO on BSC

Currently, MCDEX DAO operates a USDC pool on Arbitrum and adds about $6m liquidity in this pool.

Since MCDEX has been deployed on BSC, MCDEX DAO shall operate a pool on BSC either. This pool should be on the list of the trading mining and liquidity mining.

We propose that MCDEX DAO launch a pool:

  • Collateral token: BUSD
  • Initial Perpetuals: BTC, ETH & BNB

We propose that MCDEX DAO authorize MCDEX Foundation as the acting operator that:
a) set the risk parameters;
b) add more perpetual swaps when needed;
c) allocate the liquidity between USDC pool on Arbitrum and BUSD pool on BSC;

Admin Update:

may i know when will open for busd ming. mcdex under bsc would be a good choice

Oct 4th. Proposal 36: Launch Trading and Liquidity Mining program on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - #8