Proposal 32 - Collaboration with agency to work on potential Coinbase listing


This proposal is to obtain approval from the MCDEX community to establish a working relationship with an agency to work on a potential listing on Coinbase in the future.

A listing on Coinbase is highly competitive in the current market environment and it is important to work with an agency which knows the right people and procedure for a listing to take place.

The consulting service is provided by Lune Capital LLC. Lune Capital( is an early-stage cryptocurrency investment fund that emerged during the earliest years of this decentralized digital money era.

The consulting service would include application of Coinbase listing and to make sure that we meet certain requirements and SEC framework. The agency also has contacts which could help to prioritize MCDEX as there is a long queue of projects who wish to be listed on Coinbase.


There will be 2 parts to the compensation plan for this collaboration:

  1. 5,000 USDC will be paid from MCDEX’s DAO for consulting services from the agency
  2. 1,000 MCB will be given as payment in the event that $MCB token gets listed on Coinbase

For -

agree to have 5,000 USDC and 1,000 MCB locked as payment to agency

Against -

disagree with proposal to establish working relationship with agency

Update By Admin:

  • Vote here
  • This proposal is approved

Good proposal. It is important to try to list MCB on Coinbase, making more ppl notice and join our community.

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Totally agree!! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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I think there is no reason to oppose this proposal

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Agree! listing on CB is a big thing.

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Totally support the proposal, have you already applied for binance listing?

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There shouldn’t be any opposition to this proposal. The Opportunity that comes with MCB token getting on Coinbase is enormous to both the platform and its community at large.

Very reasonable price point. However I suspect listing on a top 10 offshore exchange first may be easier. It does not seem like Coinbase has listed any sort of levered derivatives token due to US regulation

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This sounds good.

Think everyone reading this would also wonder - what about all those VC investors who got in cheap. There is a whole string of them who got brought in through the recent round so I am confused as to why none of these can help with the Coinbase listing process.

I might be wrong but it seems like they just got in cheap and then disappeared (as VCs typically do). Honestly not a good look (for them).

Anyway congrats on the launch!

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Coinbase has listed DDX, which is a derivatives platform token.


Ah, that’s interesting. I see they are backed by Coinbase Ventures

That explains it then. Maybe MCDEX can leverage some of thier VCs too they should be able to provide assistance in this case. Might be an economical option than the current prices in the proposal

The proposal has passed, we transferred 5,000 USDC from Treasury and minted the additional 1,000 MCB.
(1) Transaction of transfer USDC:

(2) Transaction of mint MCB:

Good proposal. :tokyo_tower: :tokyo_tower: :tokyo_tower: