Proposal 29: Move MCB to innovation zone on MEXC by paying $50k

Background Info:

$MCB has been listed on MEXC Assessment Zone for a while and there is a time limit of listing on assessment zone. We are very close to the expiration date.

And the MXC reached out to us and conveyed the info that MCB could be listed on Innovation Zone and there is a cost to do that.


$30K USDT and $20K worth of $MCB

After moving to Innovation Zone, there will be no time limit to list.

So I’m calling for discussion about whether we should conduct this.

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Yes, we should be there more

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Yes. Let move to innovation zone. It will be better.

I don’t think this is a good proposal, MEXC is not a very well-known platform and $50K is really expensive

I just went to check the MCB trading on MEXC. The liquidity is very poor. Very few people trade MCB on MEXC. This also leads to unacceptable slippage. I don’t agree with this proposal.

bạn ơi mình có thể hỏi bạn 1 chút được không :smiley:

I’m not very supportive of this proposal :slightly_smiling_face: for the following reasons:

1- MEXC is not a TIER1, not even a TIER2 exchange.

2- At the moment, less than <2% of the whole MCB volume is exchanged on MEXC

3- for ~6 times that budget, it’s possible to discuss good TIER2 exchange listing (huobi, Okex)

4- for the same budget, it’s possible to run a liquidity mining campaign on Sushiswap, or UNISWAP v3 to incentivize better liquidity outside of UNISWAP V2.

5- for 1/5 of this budget, it should be possible to do a trading campaign on Loopring for example.


Fully agree on this. The funds can be better used to list on a centralized exchange with more users. MEXC isn’t processing much MCB liquidity for the past few months. Most liquidity is found on Uniswap

Yes, Its no need to pay money for MEXC.