Proposal 28: Work with Top PR agencies to expand global influences


With the upcoming launch of MCDEX V3, we plan to increase our brand awareness by partnering with global influencers in the DeFi space.

Other than recruiting top talents, we are in talks with a top Public Relations (PR) firm in the space to help with in the following areas:

  • build a good brand narrative and a meaning brand strategy
  • media exposure to showcase our superior product to the wider audience
  • increase user adoption


3 months

3 months is a reasonable duration to evaluate the performance of the PR firm. If the community is satisfied with the performance, we can negotiate to extend the partnership. Otherwise, we can stop the partnership and look for another PR firm.


$25k per month (total of $75k budget allocated for this campaign)

I propose that DAO can grant the foundation the authority to choose a suitable PR firm to work under the budget constraint.

Suggesting that vote begins on July 12th.