[proposal 18] have 1050 MCB as liquidity mining rewards for Loopring AMM pool from Jan. 7th to Jan. 21th

(To formalize the proposal here from the reply of proposal 17)

As we all know, MCDEX has been working on L2 solutions for a while.
On Jan 7, 2021, to encourage the Ethereum community to move to layer-2, Loopring will initiate AMM liquidity mining programs.

Loopring AMM’s liquidity management and swaps all occur on layer-2, and the swap speed and throughput are significantly improved compared to Uniswap. Loopring’s AMM also does not have the UX issues commonly seen in many layer-1 AMM solutions. Swaps are completed and confirmed immediately on L2.

It is a good chance for MCB holders to experience L2 AMM. So I suggest that MCDEX can provide 1/16 of current MCB rewards to Loopring AMM pool. The MCB⇄ETH liquidity mining program will be in 14-day cycles, starting from January 7th to January 21th. And Loopring will provide 5,000 LRC rewards for each cycle.The MCB holders can provide liquidity by depositing MCB and ETH in Loopring AMM pool and earn MCB+LRC.

FOR - Agree with the proposal to provide 1050 MCB rewards to Loopring AMM pool from Jan. 14th to Jan. 21th.
AGAINST – Keep the current liquidity mining program.

Vote Quorum: 10,000 MCB.

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