Proposal 13:Increasing Uniswap MCB-ETH Pair Rewards

Currently, the Uniswap MCB-ETH Pair reward accounts for 25% of the total reward, that is, for every block, 0.5 MCB is allocated to Uniswap LP token
The data shows that Uniswap MCB-ETH is currently ranked 36th, and I think we should increase incentives to make more people motivated by Add Liquidity. Several benefits of this:

  1. Motivate community members Add Liquidity
  2. Reduce selling and help prices increase
    I am a firm optimist of MCB. I think the principle of MCB distribution should be "greater risk, more profit”

So I propose to increase the incentive of uniswap pool to 50%, which is 1MCB/block

  • For: Uniswap liqiudity providers enjoy 1 MCB/block
  • Against: Uniswap liqiudity providers enjoy 0.5 MCB/block

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