Proposal 12: Improve mining efficiency to 500% For long-term MCB holders(Defense smart pool proposal)

Currently, The maximum mining efficiency is 300% for those who hold more than 14 days of mined MCB.

For example, if you mine 10 MCB per day, you will enjoy 300% mining efficiency if you are holding 140 MCB.

This is to improve the reward for MCB holders and long-term supporters. Up to now, we’ve makde some progress and to further improving rewards for long-term holders, I propose:

  1. Increase the maximum mining efficiency to 500%
  2. Improve the threshold of 14 days to 3 months

The formula will be:

Assuming the farmer could mine T MCBs every block if every farmer holds no MCB. The mining effective factor F is as follows if he holds X MCBs (we can convert the MCB/ETH pool share into some relevant MCB).

F=1+\operatorname{Min}\left(\frac{X}{T * 615,000}, 1\right) * 4

FOR - Change the formula for mining efficiency
AGAINST - Stay the same

Vote Quorum: 10,000 MCB.

Hi Victor, as the MIP has been successfully passed, please advise on time-frame for this to be live.


will be live in the next round of liquidity mining, which is in a couple of hours

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