Proposal 11: Reward 100 MCB for proposing MIPs that are implemented

Background: In Defi, things move at the speed of light. This is one idea that is very much inspired from YIP-45. Thanks to Kain from Synthetic and devops199fan for promoting such idea.

Summary Provide a fixed reward (taken from community fund) to give to people that propose MIPs that are implemented. This is to encourage people to participate in governance forum, which at the moment is very sparse and could see more discussion. For proposals that have had heavy discussions and contributions from multiple persons, the MCDex team can propose to split the reward propotionally in terms of contribution (no quantitative method of allocation, but do feel free to suggest)

For: Give 100MCB reward to people who propose MIPs that are implemented

Against No change

Vote Quorum: 10,000 MCB.

The following is for discussion, not part of the vote.

Decide reward

  • 50 MCB
  • 80 MCB
  • 100 MCB

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  • For
  • Against

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