MCB wrong transfer---Solution

First of all, let me explain the condition of the matter.
I sent $7000 value of MCD to the contract address by mistake, and it was successed.
This is the hash scan of this transaction. You can view the specific information of it.
[Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan]

For this problem, I contacted the official customer service and confirmed that this kind of situation happens occasionally and there is no effective solution.
Then I consulted friends from the technical department of the industry, after consultation, found the following solutions.
According to the amount of wrong transfer, the official team can mint the same amount of tokens and transfer to the individual account by contract Mint function.
Of course, the government has a rigorous token model, which I can understand and support.

There are two points that I need to make clear.

  1. The token transferred to the contract address, official customer service reply: no party including the official team can not retrieve / operate / use it. In other words, it is same to entering the black hole address, so my wrong transfer is equivalent to destruction in disguised form. Even if the same amount of additional issuance is issued, it will not harm the interests of any other users on the circulation level.
  2. It is against the spirit of openness and transparency of blockchain to issue additional shares without publicity. Therefore, it is suggested that when the government handles the problem according to this method, please issue an announcement to inform all users.
  3. The biggest advantage of DAO governance is democratic autonomy. Then this proposal is also posted on the forum according to the requirements of the official customer service. You can express your opinions, and please give your support!