$MCB inflation, dumping and utility addressed

Given that tokenomics has been a hot topic in recent days amongst the community I thought it was worth making a post so that we can formally discuss some ideas for this going forward. There are two ways to look at it, short term and long term.

Right now biggest issues short term are inflation and dumping. This needs to be addressed A.S.A.P. Here is some ideas to reduce inflation and dumping and also give incentive to long term holders

  1. Vesting for liquidity rewards.

    • All liquidity rewards must face immediate vesting, this is the fastest way to reduce sell pressure.
  2. MCB Staking.

    • Anyone who owns some circulating supply should be able to lock MCB for X months and receive Y % bonus.

Here are my ideas for long term tokenomics/utility, please feel free to add anything you see fit below. Try to explain your utility ideas a little bit so that the team can understand it clearly :slight_smile:

  1. MCB used to reduce fees on the platform, similar tactic used by some CEX tokens.

    • Could have a tiered fee schedule
    • 100 MCB = Tier 1, 1’000 MCB = Tier 2, 10’000 MCB Tier 3 and so on
  2. MCB used as collateral.

    • Similar to FTT, a balance of MCB could count towards collateral for your trading position.
    • Would need to be weighted according to volatility of asset price. USDC low risk, ETH medium, MCB high etc.
    • Not just for MCB contracts but for all perp contracts on the platform.
  3. MCB used as collateral for ‘Proposal’.

    • Tokens must be staked to make proposal
    • If proposal passes, user receives tokens back
    • If proposal fails, users tokens sent to burn address
  4. MCB used as a ticket for lottery

    • 1% of platform fees to go into pot per month
    • All MCB holders who hold MCB tokens before start date are qualified for entry.
    • Lottery winner takes the pot
    • (Also ties into the casino brand of Monte Carlo)
    • Would need strict rules in place to prevent gamification of lottery eg 1 user has 100 address with 1 MCB to increase odds of success.

Let us remember that the community is built around $MCB… not MCDex :slight_smile: These are just ideas, not finalised proposals!


This looks good, I agree that we need to learn from other projects that have tried a large inflation distribution, like COMP, CRV and others. They made their token price go down in price and I see no upside of their tokens until they stop printing them or we get into the next crypto mainstream bull market.

This is risking that there might not be enough traction in the product when we really need it, for example when we have a working L2 solution and we really can start to compete with CEXes like bitmex. It is better to save some inflation to this point when we are really in need of the gunpowder instead of spending it all in a linear fashion.

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Agree regarding the gun powder, very good point.