Leverage Token based on MCDEX Perpetual (MAI3)

It is straightforward to design and implement a Defi leverage token protocol based on MCDEX Perpetual Protocol:

Mint (Buy)

  1. User deposits collateral tokens(e.g., USDC) to the protocol;
  2. The protocol deposits the collateral tokens into its margin account in MCDEX perpetual;
  3. The protocol opens a position with the target leverage(e.g., 3X) of MCDEX perpetual;
  4. The protocol sends the share token(leverage token) to the user;

Redeem (Sell)

  1. User sends leverage token to the protocol;
  2. The protocol closes a portion of its position of MCDEX perpetual;
  3. The protocol withdraw some collateral tokens from its MCDEX perpetual margin account;
  4. The protocol sends the collateral token to the users;


When the underlying perpetual position has PNL, the effective leverage of the leverage token is not the same as the original target leverage. In this case, the protocol shall increase/decrease its position size if it has profit/loss to make the effective leverage equal/near to the target leverage again.

The leverage token protocol shall introduce some strategies to rebalance its position:

  1. The protocol MAY rebalance at some fixed frequency, for example, once per day;
  2. The protocol MAY rebalance when the effective leverage is out of some range of the target leverage, for example, ±25%;

Besides, because the rebalance may trade a large size, the protocol should split the rebalance into smaller trades and reduce the slippage.

Community Development

I suggest the developers in our community complete the design and implement this product. MCDEX DAO should incentive such project because it will increase the use cases of MCDEX perpetual.

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Here is an example of the leveraged token implementation.