Global Ambassador Program Proposal

MCDEX not only aims at building a fully decentralized product but also enabling decentralized governance led by the community. To maximize the power of our community, I’d like to propose a Global Ambassador Program. The details of the program are as follows:

To expand our influence globally, network, and build connections with various potential prospects.

Potential Tasks:
It’s a part-time role.

  • Routine Tasks
    • Targeting local communities
    • Social Media: Twitter, subreddits, blog/podcast/newsletter
  • Performance-based Tasks
    • Onboarding Traders
    • Onboarding Liquidity farmers
    • Onboarding Investors, etc

The tasks will change as and when MCDEX evolves. We fully support ambassadors who come up with their own initiatives on how to grow MCDEX.

* Base reward: $300 - $3000 / Month ( Fiat )
* Performance-based reward: ( Decided by the team )
The cost will be covered by MCDEX Foundation.

I hope the community can share feedback/suggestions on the program. We’d love to hear back from you.

Let’s make MCDEX stronger. Respect.


How can i apply here

Will be live soon. Stay tuned.

I suggest to setup a requirement that the ambassadors must be the MCB holders already.

I am from Bangldesh there is a lot of crypto follower our here… i want to open a bangladesh Community for mor mm your project

awesome been waiting since day 1 :grinning:

W8 for it form the indian support team

Hi, I can suggest project promotion in Russian local forums, chats, twitter.

this is a great initiative, but suggest detailed requirements and especially open for existing MCDEX community members, say,

Ambassador shall own x amount of MCB tokens, and sent to for Lock-up for a certain period (of course shall be x% of returns), additional reward comes in upon performance

Also, for job scope, can it be more specific:

  1. onboarding traders? KPI on trading volume?
  2. Onboarding liquidity farmers? KPI on locked ETH farming?
    for 1 and 2, how do we track the performance for the Ambassador
  3. onboard investor? what type of investors and what is the specific funding MCDEX is seeking.

Just two cents.

Lets grow the community!

I suggest the MCDEX Foundation to support this proposal, and the reward should be paid in MCB rather than USD.

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Firstly Cheak the community Ambassador work… How much he effort for the project. And try to how much support came from their Community :heart:

Good point.
For job scale:
1 & 2,yep, trading volume and locked ETH farming will be tracked by the ambassador’s referal link.
3. The investor means the people who deposits in the MCFund, which is a product we are working right now.

yeah, actually the challenge here is how to evaluate the performance and reward. This part will evolve many communications. Hope to get more inspirations from the community!

waiting for your contact :slight_smile: