[Draft]Proposal 9: Let defi coin[LINK, COMP....] mining efficiency higher

AMM defi coin like LINK, COMP, MKR…now have lower liquidity, trading slippage is too big,shoud make DEFI coin pool have higher mining efficiency, to attract more LP provide liquidity. I suggest multiplying additional mining efficiency of these pools by a factor E, which can be 3 or other number


I agree, offering overwhelming incentive to bring in LPs for LINK and other future listings could help jumpstart momentum for building markets outside of ETH. The current LINK liquidity is untenable for fostering any significant volume. Healthy liquidity for markets outside of ETH will help grow MCB and it’s value.

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Also agree. I propose baseline for other pairs to start at 150% efficiency.

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Please vote guys so we can shortlist the proposal.

  • 150%
  • 200%
  • 250%
  • 300%

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A few questions prior to voting: How would this baseline work with holding MCB? Would DEFI coins start at 150% but still have maximum 300% efficiency? Or would the new maximum efficiency be 350% if 150% was the baseline?

My take: 150% as baseline automatically for Defi coins but with maximum as 300% capped. Making it 350% will mean we have to do two different calculations at a block by block level , which will impact performance. I have already notice the tick rate of mining rewards reflected can buggy sometimes.

every mining period, we discuss if we should change it, else all same as last round.

Faster to implement as well. Right now, speed is everything in Defi and I want team to execute as fast possible without being bog in overtly complex details of execution.

Guys made great suggestions, considering that there are many new projects like sushi, yfv and so on spring up, these projects provide very high APY for defi coins,only gentle mining efficiency increase cannot attract new holders, so i initiated a new proposal:

AMM POOL reward is distributed according to the following proportion:
ETH PERP pool share 80% of 1.5MCB/BLOCK, 20% of 1.5MCB/BLOCK incentive is distributed equally to other pools.
If a new pool joins, it will continue to participate in the even distribution of 20% incentives, so that every pool has an initial incentive.If there are few participants, there will be a very high APY, enough to attract defi coin holders to become LPs.

According to the above proposal,in next QIN period(suppose 102500 blocks):
AMM POOL reward distribution is:

pool proportion mcb amount
ETH 80% 123000
LINK 5% 7687.5
LEND 5% 7687.5
COMP 5% 7687.5
SNX 5% 7687.5

if new pools add, other pools total number is N, then AMM POOL reward distribution is:

pool proportion mcb amount
ETH 80% 123000
LINK 20%/N 30750/N
LEND 20%/N 30750/N
COMP 20%/N 30750/N
SNX 20%/N 30750/N
20%/N 30750/N
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